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    • If you plan on coming to the office in person, make sure to wear a mask.  the door will be locked, please knock and we will let you in.

      The office will remain open for all other business.

      Monday thru Thursday: 7:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

      Friday: 7:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.  

      Closed: Noon - 1:00 P.M. for Lunch

      Dues Payments can be mailed normally to the office, please remit to:

      Teamsters Local 346

      P.O. Box 16208

      Duluth, MN 55816

      Dues payments can also be paid over the phone with credit or debit card, there is a 3.6% convenience fee for this service due to the union's non-profit status.

      Please call: (218)-628-1034 to pay your dues over the phone.

      Grievance forms and withdrawal applications, as well as membershipp applications can be downloaded directly from this website as well.

      Membership applications are available from the menu at the top of your screen.

      Grievance forms and withdrawal applications can be downloaded by members only, please register for an account.

      Thank you for your understanding in this very trying time in our lives.

      Protect Our Pensions!

      Click here for more information, as well as a sample letter to send to your congressional leaders



      If you are a traveler from another local, or simply have a Class A or B CDL and are not yet a Teamsters, and would like to be considered for dispatch from our local:

      Please CLICK HERE for information on being added to our Non Local Out of Work List.

      Teamsters General Local Union No. 346 is a Local union affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. We have a jurisdictional area of Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin. In addition we have a five state jurisdiction (Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and most of Iowa) for Pipeline construction and repair. 

      We represent a majority of crafts that this area of the country supports, from Papermills, UPS, Public Employees, Hospitals, and the list goes on. 
      Organize Today
      Learn more about organizing your workplace!

      Click Here

      Organized labor has had an important roll in your life, whether you have been in a Union, or not.  When your current employer is taking advantage of you and your co-workers, you need to form a union. America was built on unions, and the time to orginize against greed is now.

      Please Click the Organize Today link to send your information to a Business Agent.

      Teamsters and Politics: support DRIVE today, and make sure your voice is heard!

      The Teamsters Union and politics have always been intertwined.   Big Business has been spending big money in Washington to push their anti-worker agenda on Capitol Hill.  The Teamsters Union needs to fight this movement.  However, The Union cannot legally use Union Dues to fund the fight.  There are Federal and State campaign laws that prohibit Union dues dollars from being used for political campaign contributions. 

      This is why the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has a Political Action Committee (PAC) Fund. The PAC is solely funded by voluntary Union member contributions.  The name of this fund is DRIVE (Democrat, Republican, and Independent Voter Education).  Through this Fund, a Union member can make contributions to political parties and candidates.

      DRIVE typically works as follows: A member will volunteer a recurring payroll deduction in an authorized amount to go towards DRIVE.  That money is then used to support a candidate, at either the Federal or State level, whose views coincide with those of the Union.

      DRIVE makes contributions to candidates that support:  advancement of wages, hours, and working conditions as well as the improvement of quality of life for the Teamster membership and their families. These contributions have been made to Democratic and Republican candidates in the past, regardless of political affiliation, DRIVE strives to support any candidate whose views support worker’s rights.

       If you are interested in volunteering to partake in DRIVE please click on the DRIVE link or contact your Business Agent at the Local.  Remember, your Union dues cannot go towards any political contribution, but they can go towards member education.  The Teamsters have a big fight on their hands, with Big Business lobbying for Right to Work legislation, less pay for wages, and other issues that will hurt the membership.  We need to join together and support the PAC of this Brotherhood. Please contribute to DRIVE.

      Contact your Business Agent today for information on how to contribute!

      Deceptive "Right-to- Work" Laws Hurt Everyone

      By many measures, quality of life is worse in states with so-called "right-to-work" laws. Wages are lower, poverty levels are higher as are workplace fatality rates.

      States with "Right-to-Work" Laws Have Lower Wages and Incomes

      • On average, workers in states with right to work laws make $6,109 a year (12.1%) less annually than workers in other states ($44,401, compared with $50,511).

      • Median household income in states with these laws is $8,174 (13.9%) less than in other states ($50,712 vs. $58,886).2

      • 29.6 percent of jobs in right to work states were in low-wage occupations, compared with 22.8% of jobs in other states.3

        READ MORE >>  “Right-to-Work” States Still Have Lower Wages, EPI, April 2015

      States with "Right-to-Work" Laws Have Higher Workplace Fatality Rates

      States Should Decide if They Want "Right-to-Work"

      1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (all industries, all establishments, average annual pay), 2014 data. Numbers are rounded ($50,510.58 and $44,401.17).
      2 U.S. Census Bureau, Table H-8. Median Household Income by State: 1984 to 2014.
      3 CFED, Asset and Opportunity Scorecard, Low Wage Jobs, 2013.
      4 Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2014.

      My Weingarten Rights

      "If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative or steward be present at this meeting. If this discussion could lead to my being disciplined and you deny my request for representation, I choose not to answer any questions."

      In 1975, the Supreme Court ruled in the Weingarten decision, that an employee is entitled to have a union representative present during any interview which may result in his or her discipline. It is up to you to insist on union representation. If you fail to do so, you may waive your rights.

      Do the following:

      • Ask your supervisor if you might be disciplined as a result of the interview.
      • If he says, "NO," ask for a written statement to that effect.
      • If he gives you such a statement, you must participate in the interview.
      • If not, read him your Weingarten rights, remain for the meeting, take notes, and afterwards immediately contact your union representative.
      • If he says you might be disciplined but will not allow you to have a union representative present, read him your Weingarten rights, stay in the room, take notes, and do not respond to any questions. Afterwards, contact your union representative immediately.
      • If he allows your union representative to be present, you should participate in the interview.
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